Anchor Safety Services

Navigating the rules of OSHA 1910 can be daunting. We can guide you through the entire safety process or choose to use us only the services you need.

Safety Consultation

OSHA regulations are crazy. Compliance is our focus, and we come to the table with a thorough understanding of the requirements and regulations. This means we understand what you need now and what you may want to consider for the future.

No, we’re not here to sell you a roof system. The more you understand, the better off you’ll make in making crucial safety decisions for your business.


Designing a rooftop safety systems means taking account of the roof as a whole. We mark up the ammonia pipes, HVAC units, walkways, ladders, light housings, and gutters when surveying your roof.

Our experts will then  create a custom solution that flows with the existing infrastructure- maximizing safety and minimizing work flow disruption. (Plus, it protects your people from accidents.)


Approve of the design, but need help with the install? Very few fall protection companies offer installation, but our trained safety technicians can come on site to do the entire installation of your safety system.

This includes railings, tie-downs, lifeline systems, lanyards, ladders, scaffolds, and more. We can do installation for every type of safety equipment we offer. After installation, we can help demonstrate product use as needed.


Anchor Safety provides a full line of Guardian Fall Protection products. Guardian is one of the top providers of safety products for America’s construction industry with headquarters and distribution centers throughout the US.

We personally use their equipment for our commercial roofing business and know firsthand their quality and commitment to safety. Check out our full line of Guardian safety equipment.

Ongoing Safety

Safety is not a one and done situation- it’s ongoing. Anchor Safety provides continual management of your fall protection strategy. This includes regular product testing, consulting for latest OSHA requirements, updating equipment/installation, and more.

Gaining compliance once does not mean you have it forever which is why ongoing safety is needed. In addition to testing all your safety equipment, we document and keep detailed records.

Safety Can't Wait

Rooftop Safety is more than OSHA 1910 compliance- it’s protecting the very lives and well-being of those who work for you. We Can help.